Wondering about the name Duckbutter? I have heard all of the definitions, some good, some nonrepeatable, but here goes the true story. Duckbutter is a slang name for the product cosmoline, a petroleum jelly that is a slick, corrosive inhibitor used to coat machines, guns and other metal parts in shipment or storage.
From 1968 through 1972 I attended a small north Texas liberal arts college that had only local fraternities and sororities. I was a member of the Drake Fraternity. Drake is the generic name for any male duck. I was Social Chairman for all four years, an unbroken record. The Social Chairman was responsible for organizing all of the parties and I was given the initial nickname "Slick” by some of my brothers. Many of us were also avid duck hunters. After many beers one evening, or it could have been one afternoon, my fraternity brother Dave (who later became the first of several brother-in-laws married to my only sister), proclaimed that "I was slick like duckbutter”. Well like they say, "the rest is history”. As a professional consultant, I disavowed that nickname for many years for obvious reasons.
Only Gary, my fishing buddy and life long friend, has called me "Duckbutter” for 45 years. Ike and Coogan, my Lousiana lawyer and doctor, keep me legal and healthy. They keep the sauces in their Bayou Dularge fish camp cupboard. Leroy dips his cut catfish bait into the Duckbutter for luck, and Chef Lagniappe uses it in his famous jambalaya. 
My Original Duckbutter Hot Pepper Sauce is a Louisiana-styled hot sauce that was developed to eat with many foods. It also compliments many libations. Most believe that it has a better and more complex taste than Brand X. The heat is moderate and would not overly impress Wilbur Scoville, who created the Scoville chilies heat index in 1912. Duckbutter is made to eat, not just burn. Yes, the portrait on the label is a close approximation of me after several days of hard duck hunting. R.D. Wilson, a local artist, duck carver, and friend, drew the caricature. My close friends know that I always wear my sunglasses, even indoors. 

I am now retired and live on my ranch, Lost Creek Ranch, in east Texas near the famous Lake Fork fishing lake. Duckbutter which started as a hobby has become a family business. Sharon (aka Mrs. Duckbutter), my wife of 43 years, is a great cook and I hope to add recipes using Duckbutter to this website. My son Matthew and his wife Lindsay live in Dallas, Texas and have given us a granddaughter, Madeline. Lindsay is my biggest Duckbutter fan.  My daughter Rachel, and her husband, Greg, live in San Antonio, Texas and have given us three grandkids Emmie, Carter, and Harrison. Rachel is a professional photographer specializing in family pictures.

Try our four flavors - the Original Duckbutter, Mrs. Duckbutter, Salsa Verde, and Big Thicket Hickory. Play some Dash Rip Rock swamp rock ( to create the proper dining mood. Wine and candlelight are optional. Use my hot sauces often because I am skeptical of Social Security. Check out the pics to see my family and friends. I am the guy in the John Deere cap playing the gator guitar. I know how to kill and clean a wild hog. That can be handy in today's world. Check us out on facebook. Have you had your Duckbutter today?

Mr. Duckbutter 

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